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Rare Old WWII German War Coin One Reichspfennig & Stamps World War 2 Artifact - Collectors Couch

Rare Old WWII German War Coin One Reichspfennig & Stamps World War 2 Artifact

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Rare Old WWII German War Coin One Reichspfennig & Unused Stamps World War 2 Artifact

This is a rare World War 2 historical German 1 cent coin.  You will get one coin per order unless you buy more than one coin in the same order. These are stock picture but you will get coin in the similar condition but of different mint mark. These coins are circulated and have metal aging marks. The year and mint mark in these coins are visible. The one stamp in the middle is uncirculated and mint condition, the remaining stamps are used. You will exactly get the same used stamps but postal mark could be on a different place.

The zinc 1 Reichspfennig coin was minted in Germany between 1940 and 1945 during World War II, replacing the bronze version. It is worth 1/100 or .01 of a Reichsmark. Made entirely of zinc, the 1 Reichspfennig is an emergency issue type, similar to the zinc 5 and 10 Reichspfennigs, and the aluminum 50 Reichspfennig coins from the same period. 

  • Value - 1 Reichspfennig
  • Mass - 1.81 g
  • Diameter - 17 mm
  • Thickness -1.25 mm
  • Edge - Plain
  • Composition - 100% Zn
  • Years of minting -1940-1945

Mint Marks 
  • A - Berlin, Germany 
  • B - Vienna, Austria (Wien)
  • D - Munich, Germany (Munchen)
  • E - Dresden, Germany (Muldenhutten)
  • F - Stuttgart, Germany
  • G - Karlsruhe, Germany
  • J - Hamburg, Germany
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