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Rare Nazi Third 2 Reichsmark SILVER Coin with Swastika - WWII Artifact
Rare Nazi Third 2 Reichsmark SILVER Coin with Swastika - WWII Artifact

Rare Nazi Third 2 Reichsmark SILVER Coin with Swastika - WWII Artifact

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GENUINE WW2 Authentic 2 Reichsmark Nazi Silver Coin. Historical Artifact VERY RARE

  • Composition: Silver
  • Fineness: 0.6250
  • Weight: 8.0000g
  • ASW: 0.1608oz
  • Diameter: 25mm


In Germany year 1924, coins were introduced in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, and 50 Reichspfennig, and 1 and 3 mark (not Reichsmark). The 1 and 2 Reichspfennig were struck in bronze, and depicted a wheat sheaf. The 5, 10, and 50 Reichspfennig were struck in aluminium-bronze and depicted wheat stocks crossed into a stylized pattern. The two highest denominations were struck in .500 fine silver and depicted the German eagle standard. In 1925, .500 fine silver 1 and 2 Reichsmark coins were introduced for circulation, along with the first of many commemorative 3 and 5 Reichsmark coins. In 1927, nickel 50 Reichspfennig coins were introduced along with regular-type 5 Reichsmark coins, followed by the 3 Reichsmark coin in 1931.

Nazi Germany had a number of mints. Each mint location had its own identifiable letter. It is therefore possible to identify exactly which mint produced what coin by noting the mint mark on the coin. Not all mints were authorized to produce coins every year. The mints were also only authorized to produce a set number of coins with some mints allocated a greater production than others. Some of the coins with particular mint marks are therefore scarcer than others. With the silver 2 and 5 Reichsmark coins, the mint mark is found under the date on the left side of the coin. On the smaller denomination Reichspfennig coins, the mint mark is found on the bottom center of the coin.

A = Berlin
B = Vienna
D = Munich
E = Muldenhütten
F = Stuttgart
G = Karlsruhe
J = Hamburg

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