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All You Need to Know about Vietnam 1000 & 5000 Dongs

Vietnam is located in South Asia. Official Vietnam currency, also known as Dong or VND, has been the state currency of Vietnam since May 3, 1987.

Vietnamese Dong is the initial currency of Vietnam and abbreviated to "d."

The State Bank of Vietnam issued Dong Vietnamese banknotes in thirteen different values, together with this specific 5000 Vietnamese Dong banknote, back in 1991, but it was withdrawn from circulation in 2006.

The coins issued at that time are also not in circulation. It is because countries worldwide make changes in the existing designs of currencies each year and take certain bills out of circulation. The Vietnamese currency, the VND, has also experienced a tough time.

Let's talk a little bit about Vietnam currency

History of Dong

The history of Dong is quite recent. It came into practice in 1978, following the country's reunification that took place after the end of the skirmish, which tore the country apart for over ten years.

In the late 90s Asian economic crisis caused the Dong to lose 15% of its US dollar value.

Until 1990 Vietnam money with a value of VND 10,000 and VND 20,000 were dispensed, and in 1994, VND 50,000 banknote was printed and broadly accepted in the market.

Vietnam 1000 Dong 1988 is no longer used as a means of payment, and it is replaced with 1000 VND coin.

In 2003, new polymer banknotes were issued by the state bank of Vietnam, and since then, it is being used as the official money in Vietnam.

As this money was acquainted with the banking system as new money in Vietnam, the government ordered it to stop using the old money with VND 50,000 and 100,000.

Since January 1st of 2013, cotton currencies with VND 10,000 and VND 20,000 have stopped circulating as Vietnam money.

Vietnam Banknote and Coin Collection

Many people have a hobby of collecting old banknotes and coins. Some people love to own a vintage collection of things like currency, stamps, painting, and ties.

Some people also get hold of old currency to enhance its vintage collection.

Many people hold on to old Vietnamese currency, which they can sell anytime. The value of Vietnam currency has been stable for a few years, and you can check the exchange rate before selling it.

Vietnam banknotes come in dominions of 500d 1000d, 5000d, 10,000d, 20,000d, 50,000d, 100,000d, 200,000d and 500,000d with a depiction of Chi Minh on every banknote.

Vietnam 5000 Dongs 1991 is a blue-colored banknote that features the Tri -An Dam power plant on the reverse side. There is a portrait of Ho Chi Minh on the front side of the 5000 Nam Nghin Dong banknote. This note is a part of the withdrawn Vietnamese Dong banknote series.

Bottom Line

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